Just rock and relax

So I rock my 15 month old son to sleep for his nap and I always am torn. There are a million things running through my head of things that need to be done..fold laundry, prepare dinner, clean, relax, errands that need to be done before I need to pick up my step-daughter (bonus child) from school, and the list goes on and on….we all know its a race against the clock to see how much we can get done before the kiddo wakes back up..however long that may be. But, I also want to sit there with him in my arms longer. He looks so peaceful and looking at his little face takes me back to when he was first born. I try to remember things from when he was a newborn and I feel like I am already forgetting! My point is–rock with your baby a bit longer than you normally would. Cleaning can wait (sometimes), laundry can wait. My mom and probably a million baby books all say it too. Everything else can wait. Chores will still be there and always will be but your baby is only small for a little while. Enjoy it!



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