Teacher Gifts

teacher gift

Need an idea for a teacher birthday gift or for teacher appreciation week? How about making a gift card bouquet! It was so easy and who doesn’t love getting gift cards? I had two old vases that I wasn’t using so I thought those would be perfect for the “pot”. I sent out an e-mail to all the parents in the class asking if they wanted to participate to either send cash or a gift card. I used pizza boxes to make my flowers so that they would be sturdy enough to hold the gift cards and covered them in scrapbook paper. The “stems” are wooden kabob sticks wrapped in green floral tape and then stuck into the card board circle that I placed inside the pot. I had some of that extra green mossy grass stuff just lying around from an Easter decoration and that made the perfect “grass” look on top…plus it covers the cardboard underneath. There are many versions of this on Pinterest (my favorite site!). You could even do this as a Christmas gift by buying one of those small evergreen trees (that look like mini Christmas trees-I have seen them about 12″ tall) and then placing the gift cards on the tree with little ornaments. Happy Crafting!


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